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Solar Water Condenser

A solar water condenser is a device for condensing water vapor from air by solar radiation without converting it into electricity.

The massive use of solar water condensers in the areas of arid and desert land leads to an increase in average annual rainfall, improve local environmental conditions and climate change. 

Solar water condenser is a water-ammonia absorption chiller that uses sunlight as a source of energy without converting it into electricity.

The service life of the solar water condenser is measured in hundreds of years. 


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Climate change technology:
Water supply and guaranteed soil cooling provide stable growth and expansion of the area wet forests in the former desert. 

Using solar energy:
A huge amount of energy is necessary for a natural appearance of the water. 

It is absolutely impossible to use external sources of energy as it leads to additional heating of the Earth but there is a lot of heat in the desert. 

The solar water condenser does not require external energy sources, its operation is provided by the sun. 

Synergy: the sun's rays do not reach the ground and the energy of the sun is used without converting it into electricity for the cooling plant.

Application and installment:
Solar water condensers installed on the ground in a checkerboard pattern with a fill factor of 0.5.

During several years, the condensers shade and cool the Earth and water the plants. 

During growth, forest devices are transferred to another location. 

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