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Local Wastewater Treatment

Sewage treatment plants with a complete cycle recirculating water source.


We design systems for complete water reuse (in the back loop for toilets and agriculture) using biofiltration and an ozone reactor. 

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Waste water treatment using Ozone Reactor

Wastewater treatment unit designed for biological and chemical treatment of domestic sewage and disinfection.

▪Ozone reactor is fully automated and controlled via sensors.

▪The unit can be used to provide individual houses with a simultaneous residence of up to 5 people at a water consumption rate of 250 liters/person per day.

▪Can utilize high pressure polyethylene or other materials.

▪Maintenance once in 3 years.

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Local waste water treatment using Bio-filtration

1.1 Main sedimentation chamber and sludge collection.

1.2 Fermentation and waste bio-film collection.

2.1 Aeration with bio-filter.

2.2 Secondary settling and airlift.

3. After-treatment filtration.

4. Clean water receives a small dose of chlorine and pumped out.

▪From up to 3 m3/day (3.3mx3.5m).

▪From 8 concurrent users and up.

▪Low maintenance (once in 3 years).

▪Innovative Biomass population control.

▪Concrete construction has higher flexibility in final design. Can be altered on-site.

▪Can be constructed off-site using high pressure polyethylene.

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